Day 185 – Sitting on the soccer fields last night until 9 p.m., I did this reading to prepare for my early morning practice. I arrived home at 9:30 last night and went straight to bed. It seems hard to believe with a bedtime of 9:30 that I would be sleep deprived, but sleep deprfieldsivation, even with a clean diet, causes many of the physical problems that I am experiencing. I have, therefore, begun to change habits to allow for a later rising–one of which is to read the reading the night before so I can hop out of bed, take my medicine, settle the animals/clean the catbox, and hop onto the mat by 5:15 most days.
Today’s reading, apropriately, is about letting go of y
esterday’s truth’s. Rolf reminds us that “clear seeing must be more important to us than the comfort of certainty, the power of feeling that we know.” As I try to create healthier habits, I recognize that samadhi (clear-seeing) is linked to allowing myself to let go on the mat and that, in turn, is related to my ability to settle into a practice of 15 minutes or 30 minutes tops. It isn’t the longevity of the practice itself, but the quality of it. Surrendering to life on a daily basis is paramount and letting go of judgment about how much sleep I require is equally as significant.

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