Day 186 – Up early, quick stretchy practice, stuffing a CF workout in, pack my lunch, off to school, grocery shopping, chaueffering, and then gifted endorsement class (the last one ever). Today’s reading was about sauca, or purity. Rolf writes that this is primarily, for him “diet, rest, meditation, and avoidance of overwork and overtraining.” Moreover, he states practicing sauc we reap the “plian, strong, sensitive, balanced body, a focused mind, and a carefree spirit.” Although “each of us must determine for ourselves what sauca on the mat means to us,” we achieve these things, nonetheless, through the vountary surrender of certain freedoms.
Most of Rolf’s discussion of sauca applies to poor diet, an affliction of choice and conditioning that is very American. I eat a fairly clean diet, but I recognize sauca to be the clarity I get from good sleep (I was restless last night because I was thinking about my “laundry” list) or clean surroundings when I practice. I spent the hour before bed scrubbing the floors in the living room where I practice only to find an animal accident this morning (the big dog got into some people food in mass quantities). After cleaning all that up, it left little time to practice and my space felt sort of dingy. This reading really makes me think about what purity means to me in terms of diet, clarity of being and physical space, and overworking.

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