A secret freedom

17436239_10211064959094162_2333312006827064287_oDay 192 – Today’s reading discusses how a part of tapas is out of our control; it is basically the momentum of our practice that awakens our life force. Similarly, Rumi writes: “One of the marvels of the world/is the sight of the soul sitting in prison/with the key in its hand.” I can’t help but think that asana helps us i some mysterious wonderous way. The key to that all is tapas.
Similarly, as Rumi continues in this verse: “Covered with dust,/ with a cleansing waterfall/an inch away,” Rolf advises we must “act on the impusle toward health that is now alive…[or] nothing will come of it.” Indeed, I consider all the yoga mats piled high from forgotten practices of previous years, abandoned until recently when we used them for camping. Failure to act, to commit, is the veritable laundry on the exercise bike.
Rolf ends this lovely reading with the idea that “tapas is…the will to realize the opportunity that is yoga, to make it real for us, to make it stick.” And so, it is, this mysterious dedication, when “a secret fredom opens/through a crevice you can barely see.”

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