Everything is possible

Day 196 – In one poem about the answer to our questions on our purpose, our lives, Rumi suggests to us that we may as well free a few words from our vocabulary: “why and how and impossible.” He begs us to “forget the nonsense categories of there and here.” Likewise, in today’s reading, Rolf continues on the concept and practice of svadhyaya. He writes: “As the months become years, our asana practice reveals to us what we are not. We are not our fears, our desires, our thoughts, or our limitations…with practice, our point of reference shifts.”
I am constantly looking for ways to improve on my morning yoga ritual? I have to ask myself why I practice day after day, but in sitting with these questions, I discover that yoga puts me in touch with my body and helps me shift my focus for the day, much like a workout used to. I used to think in terms of goals, measured through length, calorie, and weight loss, but now I think more in terms of the big picture, and this is just one habit that makes me healthier and better balanced, not because I spend some prescribed length of time in some prescribed regimen for some prescribed 108 days, or that I wear this or that, or I can achieve this or that pose. Everything is possible because nothing is impossible; and for that, I am grateful.

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