No more birth boxes.

Day 198 – Rolf writes that isvara-pranidhana is “surrendering to the possibility that was presented to the world when we were born.” It means using the full potential of our brains and our bodies and our spirit. I think this is one of the most beautiful readings in the whole world, even though I was,at last reading over one year ago, reticent and turned off by all the talk (and quotes) about “G”od.
If I think about in a new way, I practice isvara-pranidhana on the mat (surrendering to my present body) and daily life as a mother and wife (surrendering to the ritual details of the day–trying to improve on the cleaning and organizing aspect) and as a teacher (surrendering to the flow and drama that is the middle school classroom–with nonperformers, underperformers, and just plain amazing and neurodiverse kids). May I just say that every day I see kids that were expected to not survive do incredible brain and body tasks? What is this box we are put in when we are born that imprints on our soul that we lack potential? Let go, Erika, let go. Those potentials are still and ever in one moment to the next.

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