Fight against physicality.

rumi4Day 199 – Surrender is the topic of today’s reading, but, then, isn’t surrender the topic of every reading? On the mat, Rolf describes the process, as “an ever greater efficiency and economy of movement. The muscles that need to work, work; the muscles that don’t need to work, don’t.” Practice makes perfect. As I tune into my body’s wonkiness, I soften what shouldn’t be clenching, holding, pinching, hurting…I try to surrender, not “fight against…physicality.”
Rolf begins this reading, in fact, with a reminder of our “fight against physicality” by a Zen master, Dennis Genpo Merzel: “When we see our self as the center and separate from everyone and everything else, we have to continuously protect and guard the self.” Our culture presents us with a different reality than the one that is true nature. Years have built a wall that protects our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. I keep practicing for “ever greater efficiency and economy of movement.”  I am that crumbling wall, but there is a lot of potential in time’s march forward.

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