What is my greatest liability?

Day 200 – Today’s reading is about how Rolf learned the importance of letting go. He reflects upon his sister, who committed suicide, and his alcoholism. Indeed, Rolf writes that “many people die on their way to surrender.” So, in turn, Rolf also writes about gratitude.
This reading makes me wonder about the hardships and demons some of my coworkers have experienced. You know the ones…the ones who choose to be incredibly nasty, self-serving, dismissive of “some” of the students and of me. I have know idea how they feel that leads them to these behaviors, and yesterday I wondered what I should do. In reading this, I think I should just let it go, which is difficult.
Rolf writes that “our greatest liability becomes our greatest strength.” Like Rolf, the “rawness” of my own past is triggered by encounters such as yesterday with a co-worker. I cannot control my co-worker; however, I can control my reaction and attitude. I can stand my ground, but (at some point) I have to let it go. In this way, I wonder: what is my greatest liability?

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