seekerDay 213 – Today’s reading is about fear of death and faith in “G”od. Reasonably, for Rolf, these are intrinsically linked and intimately intertwined with yoga. He reminds his students that “swimmers who fight against the water tire and drown…[and] those who relax into it float.” He writes: “It is like that with us and God. On our mats we learn to float.”
I love Rolf’s accessible style. Quite simply, it is beautiful when he grapples difficult subjects, such as fear, death, and (as in this reading) faith. Pragmatically, he describes our fears on the mat as the “our grasping desire for more, better, faster yoga postures.” He continues: “It manifests in our restlessness, our difficulty in shavasana. It is the prevailing sense that we are not doing enough, and that we won’t get there, wherever ‘there’ is.”
Letting go seems essential; for Rolf, that is into “G”od’s hands. Rolf describes this peace when he allows his body and postures to be imperfect and he lets “things be as they are.” Both on and off the mat, this is a lesson for all seekers. What we seek can be found within.

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