Exploration in Trust

Day 214 – Today’s reading is about the alternative of abhinivesa, fear of death. Rolf (and his opening quoter, Deepak Chopra) assert that a relationship with “G”od will “give the ultimate meaning to life.” Rolf asks us to become aware of our “cringing patterns,” our “habitual protective tension.” Through yoga, we will become adept at “releasing the ever deeper and more subtle layers of tension, while maintaining the posture.” Rolf calls this “trust.” Yoga is an “exploration in trust.”
trustWith this reading, I have decided to embark on an exploration of trust. I will practice silence or meditation or pathworking most days in a similar way to the way I approach my yoga practice. I have tried this previously and not stuck to this. Seated/traditional meditation is certainly one of my “cringing patterns.” My simple excuse is that I find it very hard to slow my mind and take 5-10 minutes; however, this is just that–an excuse.  Over the summer months, I will cultivate and explore this.  

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