Day 217 – Today’s reading outlines how goals and contingencies are fine and dandy, but practice in the here and now is crucial to presence. Rolf, too, acknowledges that he is galvinized by a goal, drawnwilling to work harder, schedule and organize his week around his goal, and continue his practice (what he does) on the mat of learning (rather than yearning) and being present in his practice. Rolf writes: “Our achievements are simply the by-products of our ability to realize the potential of the present moment.”
This reading presents itself to me as I embark on a month of focused goal setting to achieve relaxed balance and health. In a few short days, my first middle school teaching year will be ending, and summer begins, with the familiar, slow-paced summer school, days of gardening and backyard (hopefully) splashing and reading, and travels–lots of them–to mountains and sea. Summer is a time to play and rest and heal and plan and organize, but be present mostly. I’m starting school in the fall, taking math and science classes I never took in college and for my masters, and I am excited to learn something new.  

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