Open Windows.

Day 218 – The opening quote to today’s reading is sort of my mantra these days. Rolf quoting Cheri Carter-Scott, a motivational/religious coach and speaker, writes: “If your eyes and ears are open, you will see the windows of opportunity open around you.” So, too, a regular yoga practice will “open windows of opportunity.”
For me, slowing down and intuitively choosing my morning practice (or not at all, as these days lately) has taught me a lot about my physical body. Moreover, I havewindow learned not to heed the call to check and schedule my yoga practices, but dabble and explore here and there, while staying very rooted in my resolve to practice and reflect daily in some simple way whether it is shavasana, yin, flow, meditation, or simply writing and reading inspired by these readings.
Rolf’s writing about yoga inevitably lead one who doesn’t practice meditation to consider meditation as a viable and important part of practice. He writes: “It is said that everything in the physical universe is information vibrating at different rhythms; the study of life amounts to the study of rhythm.” Again, so, too, a regular meditation practice–time spent in silence and stillness–will “open windows of opportunity.”
As I move through my days, I find myself noticing rhythms–those of busy life, reactions of others, reactions inside of me, and then, of stillness and breath and respites. These are no longer stolen moments of time but a piece of an eternal day, where the rhythms it holds are “like the sky holding the weather.” Open windows of opportunity.

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