Endless brilliance

woundDay 220 – Today’s reading reiterates the benefits of asana practice; that it is with this that connects us to our soul. Rolf writes: “Admist the unspeakable sorrows and injustices of the material world, we find the endless brilliance of the spirit.” Moreover, it is the gift that keeps giving as “our connection to our own soul serves as a reminder to those around us.”
This reading is more about the psychological effects of yoga, rather than the science, but psychology is always a plays a part in science. This reading leaves me with questions: What about yoga lifts our spirits? How does this happen through asana, meditation, etc.? How are our neurological pathways changed? How long does this take?
Speaking of “endless brilliance–with America pulling out of the Paris Agreement, my mind is spinning. A component of the climate science is, of course, phsychological. Unbridled consumerism, economic prosperity, hubris, and conspiracy theorists are entangled in the science. What is true? What is false? What is black and white?
For many, such as Rolf, yoga is the answer. As for me, it is the gentler answer, but one that still begs some questions. How and why does yoga promote the “endless brilliance of the spirit” and how can I serve as a reminder to those around us?

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