Day 221 – We spent our weekend, Fred and I, visiting two dear English friends, one of whom is undergoing chemo. Taking time to visit, sing, and commune over the weekend really puts health–any amount of it–in a different perspective, and hones in the need to enjoy and celebrate the everyday moments that sustain our hope and, therefore, health.
Today’s reading was about how Rolf’s practice reclaims his command over his physicality lost through his addictive past. He writes: “There is a sense of reclamation mixed together with layers of emotion that seem to span all of this lifetime and maybe more.” Collectively, it feels as if our culture, our time, has forgotten what health feels like, trading it for high fructose, quick delivery of food, and an easy fix to weight management, aging, and stress.
As I practice yoga, like Rolf, I get the “distinct experience of moving through the layers of stored memory,” remembering postures of long ago in times of pregancy, distress, ennui, and emotional distress. Reclamation of health through yoga practice is a process, and this took awhile for me to figure out that I was seeking health, not necessarily balance or stress-reduction or even youth or flexability; only these were intrisicately connected to health and lifetimes beyond and before my own. Therefore, like Rolf, my practice is not a place I understand, but “rather, it is a place that I go.”

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