Day 222 – Today’s reading is somewhat of an anomaly. It speaks of Rolf’s transformation from judging his fellow human beings to loving each and every one of them on his evening walk through a Massechusetts town. He attributes this love to yoga, and rightly so; nonetheless, this reading (and sentiment expressed therein) is somewhat of an anomaly.
Rolf writes in his companion book, Meditations on soundInention and Being, that “over time we have lost touch with the wisdom of the heart in our efforts to manage the demands of our screaming minds,” which creates a state of imbalance. He demonstrates how “instead of learning to listen we have learned to numb and to filter…[and] the sensations that get through our filters and our numbness become supersized.” Again, we recognize that our collective fear becomes violence, desire becomes conspicuous consumption (“gluttony”) and service to one’s community becomes overworking. Yoga, Rolf writes, becomes “a beginning,” the subtle study whose endpoint is the heart’s whisper and not the mind’s scream. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if Rolf’s experience of love was amplified instead of all the other stuff?

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