Day 223 – Today’s reading is about divinity. Rolf sees it in everything; I do, too. He writes: “When my mind is quiet, I can see spirit in everything, and I know that everything,naturally, is contained in spirit.” It is, indeed, a beautiful thing “to walk admist the endless diversity of life with the ability to perceive the source and the reality of its unity” through our practice, and for many of us, “asana is the place where the physical and metaphysical meet.”
This reading gets me thinking about many things, of course, mainly about when I have challenge with seeing divinitemplesty in an evil act, the meanness and pettiness of coworkers occassionally, the abundance of unbridled consumerism and greed within the culture, and the widget/business models that run our most precious commodities: healthcare, education, etc. However, like Rolf, when I sit the in the small morning hours following a short, sweet yoga practice of mostly breathing, divinity is everywhere, even in the dark backyard when I take the dogs out.
Without my morning ritual, it is difficult to function on a particular work day. Breathing, I stand literally on the “edge of two worlds,” which, as Rolf describes, are really one. We cannot forsake the last for the first or we have missed the point. We are meant to experience dvinity in all things, but we just have to be present for it to happen.
In Rolf’s Meditation book (on intention and being), he also sort outlines how this happens, although it took the birth of his daughter to realize that he needed no plan, just a way to be available to life. Conscious breathing allowed him to slow down, let go, and walk in both the physical and the metaphysical. I, also, have learned (or am learning) what my body, mind, soul, needs to heal in order to do the same and to experience the divinity in all realms. Less is definitely more.

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