Love is all there is.

Day 224 – Rolf gives us lovely advice today, writing: “Relax, breathe, explore what it is like to be in relationship [with everyone and everything].” It is so challenging when I step off the yoga mat or after meditation to remember these words. I encounter a million and one moments of reaction, and therefore, some form of separation. Sometimes it can be extreme and I experience isolation (and anger).
Yesterday a mother picked her child up from school an hour late. I was very irritated and, moreover, once I found out that the mother was sister to the same mother who did the same with another student at my school two years ago over and over again, I felt vindicated. You see?

Rolf writes that “to end this suffering, we embrace a new belief” and this is that “we become rooted in oneness, in the idea that we are all love, and love is all there is.” If my reaction was always love, then love would be all. Is there a way to let go of the need to react, to feel separate in some way? How does one go about loving others in this way? How does one step back and not react?

Meditation and yoga allow for what Rolf describes as an “opportunity to see and feel something that ha[s] always been there.” I have lost touch with “effortless manifestation of stilness and rhythms every second of my existence” amidst the “growting busyness and confusion” of my mind. If our focus is love, than love is all there is.

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