Empty, yet inexhaustible

Day 228 – Today’s reading is about the connection between our body and spirit.  Rolf describes work he and his friend did to unravel how the body incorporates the truths revealed in asana practice.  In pagan circles, we often talk about the web when it comes to connectivity of living things to every other living thing in the universe.  Rolf, too, describes this in meditation in his mantra:  “I am the wave and the ocean and…everything else is too.”

Rolf concludes:  “As the world is held together by divine consciousness, so the body is held together by connective tissue…connective tissue is not only the fabric that holds us together; it’s the substance that gives shape to the innumerable spaces within the body, the many worlds of our organs, bones, nerves, and vascular system.”  Our inner universe is miraculous, what Lao-Tzu called “empty yet inexhaustible.”


As I move deeper and deeper into the workings of my own body, continue with daily mindfulness meditations, and reflect deeply on the profoundness of these readings and my own experiences, I am humbled, yet curious, about this relationship between what we eat, what we think, and what actions we take and the present moment on all levels.  Are there words to encompass this?  I know my own experience and education is inadequate, and I am compelled to learn more, to reconsider, to ponder.

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