choose love

If you don’t know what you want form life, everything will appear either as an obstacle or a burden. But one of the greatest lessons of history is that the whole world gets out of the way for people who know what they want or where they are going.

-Matthew Kelly

Day 269 – Today’s reading is full of the New Testament wisdom.  I ponder this, recognizing that Rolf’s spiritual journey and recovery encompasses Christianity and this is intrinsically linked with his teachings and reflections.  Within pages and pages of these passages are beautifully placed Bible quotes, which, in turn, beg me to consider my own spiritual path and unique present moment–the veritable byways that have led me to my almost-50 years on Earth.

Rolf describes his pranayama teacher who devotes most of her time and energy an authentic spiritual teacher, and he believes that the hard work and spiritual discipline is better than the alternative–life without it.  So, too, as I work in an area of what I like to think of high need, I witness my coworkers complaining about money, time, and disrespect.  I feel like this is what this passage is mostly about–that hardwork and devotion is nothing to one who comes from a path of Love, or in Rolf’s words;  “The yoke is heavy, but the burden is light.”

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