What appears anew will also disappear.  The goal must be eternal and within.  Find it within yourself.

-Opening quote, Raman Mahrashi, Meditations form the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga

Day 270 – Having read this passage after my practice, I reflect on the quality of my session on the mat, revisiting my breath, movement, and thought patterns just before and just after this. For today’s practice, I set a personal intention of unraveling from my self to feel what the now was.  I chose a few difficult twists to warm-up into across about 20 minutes, and then I tried to maintain the breath in those postures.  When I shook or wobbled or my mind wandered, I went back to the breath.   As Rolf instructs us in this passage, I allowed the energy of my intention “to become intertwined with the energy of…asana practice and…pranayama practice.”

These busy days I am practicing intuitively, giving myself a few minutes or mornings here or there to do longer practices with asana or just breath work.  I spend a little less time on the readings because pragmatically there are truly only 24 hours in the day. Nonetheless, everything is anchored in the breath and in Love.  I think if we all come from this eternal place, there is no pressure to do, only to be.

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