“Our imaginations are like swollen rivers, flooded with the falsehoods of the ages as they have been passed on to us across the generations.  Who we are, who everyone else is, and what we can be–all are defined by this river, which was not of our making.”

Day 284 –  What prevents us from living a full life?  What keeps us fettered and furiously fearing?  How do we move forward and yet stay present?  Young or old, it matters not. Most all of us ask these questions at some point, rejecting our mother’s advice and then, perhaps returning to it. How long does it take us to realize we can make our own path?  That there is always something to learn, to revisit, to reconsider, to touch, to hold, to love?

Rolf contends that we can “continue to bob along on the river of our imagination or we can make our way to the shore, observe the river for a while, and then just walk away.”  Pranayama and all our actions, taken or otherwise, on and off our mat help to remove what is blocking our light.  And so he asks today to allow our practice to deliver us from our imagination into the light.  Settle in, observe, and let go.

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