Deeper Place.


Day 285 – In today’s reading, Rolf describes pratyahara, or turning inward, as the book moves into Part 5, writing:  “Having laid a foundation of equanimity and health with the limbs of tapas, or spirituality in action, we now embark on a journey of self-discovery.  Further, he writes of pratyahara and the fascinating moment we go from distraction to direction, emphasizing it as a “turning point, an intersection of two planes of existence.” Coupled with dharana, concentration, our time on the mat is well-spent as these two together make it possible for the acquisition of wisdom.

Wisdom is that deeper place we dwell in on and off our mat when we live with authenticity, intuitively.  Rolf writes that we begin to “cultivate and honor…[our] own intuitive powers…listen to the promptings of [our]…heart.”  He encourages us to start where we are, by simply becoming aware of the process by which we arrive somewhere.  He asks us to “not the moment, the point, where…[our] experience departs from resistance and moves into understanding.”

How is it that we gain wisdom from our actions?  How is it that I find that deeper place on my mat?

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