Day 293 – Moving, in any shape of form, whether it be devising lesson plans, teaching and practicing yoga, working out, hiking, gardening, and even reading readily keeps sloth away.  Rolf writes that the “energy released by our practice dissipates sloth so readily that by the end of the yoga class most of us have forgotten all the resistance we were contending with at the beginning.”  Yet, I tend to avoid meditation.  I have a million reasons in my head and it almost feels like it robs me of time, and yet…

Today, Rolf explains that “sloth rears its head when…dealing with situations” we wish to avoid and fears we are unwilling to confront.  This, in turn, robs us of our agency.  Rolf asks us to investigate this further, writing:  “Pratyahara is the recognition that we are not meant to be onlookers in our lives, but full participants, no matter what.”


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