Day 294 – After a few days of busy activity in the morning and some long evenings of teacher meetings and squeezed-in studying, I managed two days straight of meditation and a couple of short yoga practices.  Mentally fatigued after a SAC meeting at school and an hour of pre-calc (thankfully, hitting a module that wasn’t too difficult and quickly done), I looked over today’s reading before bedtime.  Basically, Rolf suggests we all meditate and try not to get “too wrapped up in doing it right.”

My body aches over the past week.  One day I feel a little better, the next I feel my bones.  It is curious to watch this happen over a course of weeks (since Irma).  I know I shouldn’t have a beer at night, but…I had a beer last night.  I know that I should be moderate in my workouts when I hurt, but…I returned to crossfit, squeezing in a workout between school dismissal and the SAC meeting.  I know that I should stop overscheduling myself, but…I keep adding to my plate.  I feel my bones.

The curious thing about meditation is it truly is like hitting the restart button.  I wonder why I don’t cultivate this throughout my day, taking a pause to reset?  I do all the other things to reset in the world:  have a beer, a good steak, a good night’s sleep, a hot shower, a good workout, a good book, etc.  Shouldn’t I just do this, too?  Unhook.  Be present.  Not react. Breathe. Repeat.

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