Unconditionally Capable.


Day 295 – We come to believe many things, such as meditation is challenging.  Rolf names meditation a “more effortless form of yoga.”  Nonetheless, I squirmed and fidgeted during the brief 5 minutes I meditated.  I pet the cats and dog, the “girls,” who sit on me, near me, next to me, just about the moment the mat rolls out.  The cats bang their heads into me when I close my eyes, and the dog finds a hand or foot and licks it.  Such is unconditional love.

And yet, I still find that “one of the first obstacles” is my belief that I am “constitutionally incapable of meditating.”  How can such a meditation practice be ineffective?  Isn’t love and compassion what we most need in the world?  I believe my practice to be imperfect, but in actuality, it is just what it needs to be. #loveisall

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