Flow and flux.


When we strike a balance between the challenge of an activity and our skill at performing it, when the rhythm of the work itself feels in sync with our pulse, when we know that what we’re doing matters, we can get totally absorbed in our task. That is happiness.

-Ariel Gore, Bluebird:  Women and the New Psychology of Happiness

Day 313 – Life in flow is magical; life in flux is painful.  And, yet, life is always in flux.  It is a constantly changing force.  Like Rolf, in some ways, I am always afraid, and there’s “another part of me for which nothing seems ever to be enough.”  Rolf describes himself within “a river of humanity, allowing” himself to be seen and heard just as he is.  In his element, teaching yoga, he has sustained focus.  Some days he moves deeper within himself and other days he is just where he is, doing what he loves, and that is enough.

Rolf’s every day teaching is dharana, and he suggests that we all “partake in life in this fashion, open to its sweetness, open to the bitterness, open to the giving, open to the receiving, open to how it feels to be alive.”  Today, I shall allow the flow and the flux to be what they are, and that will be enough.  I will listen to how it feels to be alive rather than worry so much about the products of my efforts involved in the process of living itself.

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