Temple Invisible


“Insight is the human capacity to see outside of our conditioned way of seeing; it is literally the ability to see what we are in the habit of not seeing.  It is a natural capacity that we all share, as is the ability to put it to work in our lives.”

-Rolf Gates, “Insight,” Meditations on Intention and Being

Day 316 – Today’s reading is about prayer and concentration.  I like to think of these two together as intention.  As we draw inward into our sacred stillness, the connection creates an energy, “a vibration in our lives.”  Rolf suggests that this “accelerates our growth and is in fact the process whereby we become who we are meant to be.”  However, I’m not sure we ever arrive at any one conclusion or destination; we can only try to chart our “uncharted land,” our invisible universe through revisiting, reconnecting, and reflection.

Have you ever fallen in love with something or someone who you thought you could or would not ever live without?  I ask myself this quite a lot, sometimes mourning the answer.  Of course, we probably all have.  When I arrive at a point where what I love is no longer a part of my life or my available time (and energy) prevent me from enjoying it as I ought to, I part ways for a bit, but it exists within my inner vision as something to return to or reconsider.  It becomes part of me because of my love of whatever it was or is.

Insight comes from visiting out temple invisible, putting forth intentions that our love is rekindled.  From this, something new is reborn, not quite the same, yet powerfully intrinsic to who we are–something we can not live without, something worth making the time for through revisiting, reconnecting, and reflection.   It is serendipitous how the universe unfolds herself in magnificent and profound ways in a simple morning practice or how we stumble upon her over the course of a year.

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