Pranayama and dance at 4 a.m.


Use your own light, and return to the source of light, that is called practicing eternity.

-Opening quote, Lao-Tzu, Meditations from the Mat

Day 329 – In the morning, I have been intuitively drawn toward “other” dance classes, not the 6-week Datura program.  I set up playlists and I plan, just like at school. I plan and plan and plan…I like planning.  However, I rarely teach or take whatever lesson/classes I take or plan.  Each day, anew, breathes in its own way and, although I have the structure of a workday, the moments before and after, the choice to wake up early and do something, even the dishes, and time after work to run errands, chaffering, dance, crossfit, or even go to bed at 6:30, I move these days more intuitively.  Moreover, I am okay with having no particular plan.

What will be will be, but I am looking forward to a day where I am not planning for hours or fretting over a formal evaluation (that’s today) and overplanning.  I’ve done pretty good when it comes to parenting.  I can list the activities I must try to undertake before dance class tonight:  visit a former student, set up computers in my room, write lesson plans for the sub tomorrow, get Nina from Valencia (she was in a scooter mishap and without transportation), pick-up Harrison at conditioning practice, eat, etc.  Rolf writes today of letting momentum inspire and sustain you.  He writes:  “once we do become still, the power of stillness draws us inward.  Our own light guides us to the source of light.  As humans, we label, catalogue, list, and plan.  I get that.  Nonetheless, my quiet morning yoga practices (which I still do almost every day) have cultivated a sense of calmness in my everyday which I’ve never experienced before, and this sustains my continued practice.

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