“The distracted mind has no power, the directed mind has limited potential.”

Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

Day 330 – Even as I write this blog, I have completed several household tasks; I have fed the dogs, washed the floor, changed the catbox, washed the dishes, scrubbed the counters, listened to a lesson (audio), started breakfast, and practiced yoga.  My yoga practice felt harried, and I know I was distracted.  Yet, I practiced–a nice restorative heart opener to counter balance all those tight frontline muscles and fascia–with some pranayama at the end because that’s where the “magic” happens.  My pranayama practice immediately focuses me, calms me, empties me, redirects me, so that I can emerge as a somewhat sensible, more patient me.

All I could think about was this reading (I did it last night).  I reread it again with the same “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as today’s reading is all about continuing the practice to learn more about where your concentration exists.  Just so, Rolf describes dhyana, writing:  “It may take years, and seemingly endless diligence, before you can curb your restless mind and bring it to bear on the things that make life worthwhile.”

And, so it comes to this–what things make life worthwhile?  To be continued tomorrow…

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