Thank you, Loving Universe


“The solution is to ignore the bad habit and put your energy toward building a new habit that will override the old one.”

-D. Coyle, The Little Book of Talent, Tip #46

Day 359 – Practice helps us deepen, expand, and encompass yoga habits throughout our entire lives.  On this note, Rolf promises us that if “we allow the same force that keeps our heart beating, digests our food for us, and maintains our health to guide us through our lives,” we will do less and accomplish more.   Loving seems no great mystery to me, but loving everyone and everything and believing in a loving universe wholeheartedly requires complete abandonment of all I know.

Without being too cynical–in fact, most likely rambling–I can give much credit to a day spent learning and teaching the carbon cycle.  This lesson left me with this quizzical and quite philosophical approach to veganism, as rocks and trees became made–no less–of the very carbon we are.  All things seemed sentient and alive, in a sense, whether it was my rather non scientific, metaphorical brain grasping at straws (or not).  So, too, teaching water cycle and the greenhouse effect does climate change appear very logical and real.  I don’t know what loving universe produced current leaders and their almost puritanical mindsets, but it doesn’t quite seem like a loving universe.

In short, I’m trying very hard not to hate, not to complain, not to do a whole lot of things that just come naturally off the mat.  Being on the mat at 4 a.m. seems to naturally align with “all is right in the world,” simply because I choose this for myself–this time, this ritual, whether to dance or stretch or meditate.  It is all at once very metaphorical and real, like the carbon cycle and climate change, and it helps me strive toward better things off the mat.  Today’s advice is well taken.  Do less complaining, hating, avoiding, naysaying, pontificating, controlling, and more will be accomplished.  Thank you, loving universe, for my message today.

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