Vacuum vas altius pleno vaso resonat


“In time the clamorings of our false self grow faint and the quiet of our soul fills our lives.”

Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

Day 360 – The din of everyday is everpresent.  Rolf attests, writing:  “Most of us spend years pushing our way through our practice, managing and striving, exhilarated and disappointed, ambitious and lazy.  We stay busy.  We make an effort.”  Yet, there is another layer of activity covered up by our well-intentioned efforts.  Indeed, beneath the tintinnabulations and the hubbub and the hurly-burlies, “we discover our emotional responses…our habitual responses.

Today, I dance and stretched and genuinely slowed down.  Took the full 35 minutes, shortened only by my need for more sleep.  In the candlelight, through the gentle swirl of incense sticks and the quiet sacredness of early morning, as Rolf unfolds in today’s reading, the false person dissolves as we remove “whatever creates the impression that we are separate.”

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